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Criminal Punishment Program Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Criminal Punishment Program - Research Paper Example In June 1972, Furman v. Georgia diminished the help for capital punishment, when the Supreme Court held the death penalty to be unlawful and voided 40 capital punishment resolutions. A few additional decisions scrutinized the lawfulness of the death penalty, however numerous states proceed with the program. This paper talks about the history and results of capital punishment in the U.S. It additionally utilizes relevant criminological hypotheses that help clarify the various aftereffects of the death penalty programs. Regardless of academic proof and contentions that indicated that capital punishment doesn't deflect the frequency of rough wrongdoings, greater part of Americans keep on supporting it and different examinations demonstrate its prevention. History of Death Penalty in the United States The primary capital punishment laws can be dated to eighteenth century B.C. in the Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon, which applied capital punishment for twenty-five sorts of wrongdoings. England affected American capital punishment on the grounds that the English carried this program with them to the New World. The main individual who was executed through the death penalty was Captain George Kendall in the Jamestown province of Virginia in 1608 (DPIC, 2013). Kendall was killed for being a covert agent for Spain. The nullification development for capital punishment started during the frontier times as well. Montesquieu, Voltaire and Bentham composed against it, despite the fact that the most conspicuous restriction originated from Cesare Beccaria’s 1767 exposition, On Crimes and Punishment (DPIC, 2013). Beccaria contended that nobody can legitimize the state’s execution of human lives. All through the nineteenth century, capital punishment saw various changes, beside abrogation in certain states. Rather than being applied in all wrongdoings, for example, it was applied to capital violations in various states. After the Civil War, new methods for executi on created. The hot seat was created and utilized toward the finish of the nineteenth century. New York made its first hot seat, which was first utilized on William Kemmler (DPIC, 2013). Different states followed this innovation. The early and center twentieth century saw the high points and low points of the death penalty program. From 1907 to 1917, six states restricted capital punishment, while three decreased it to cases concerning conspiracy and first degree murder of a law requirement official (DPIC, 2013). These changes were stopped in light of the Russian Revolution and World War I, where five of the six abolitionist states reapplied capital punishment in 1920. The 1960s and the 1970s tried the defendability of the death penalty program. In 1958, the Supreme Court governed in Trop v. Dulles (356 U.S. 86) that the Eighth Amendment typified a â€Å"evolving standard of conventionality that denoted the advancement of a developing society† (DPIC, 2013). In 1972, Furman v. Georgia, Jackson v. Georgia, and Branch v. Texas prompted the Supreme Court attesting that capital punishment is subjective. In Furman, the Supreme Court made the standard that a discipline would be â€Å"cruel and unusual,† in the event that it was unreasonably extreme for the wrongdoing, in the event that it was eccentric, on the off chance that it outraged society's feeling of equity, or it whenever was not more powerful than a less cruel punishment (DPIC, 2013). At present, the United States quantities of capital punishments are step by step tumbling from 300 of every 1998 to 106 out of 2009 (DPIC, 2013). Despite the fact that execution rates are declining, Gallup survey shows that most of Americans keep on preferring the death penalty. In its 2012 review, 63% of those studied bolstered capital punishment

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The Ultimate 4 Step Guide to Changing Careers

The Ultimate 4 Step Guide to Changing Careers Picking a vocation is an intense thing-and a long lasting procedure. You may pick an occupation early, simply out of school or dependent on your inclinations as a 20-something. That should were an immediate way to your retirement decades later, following quite a while of building a satisfying profession from that underlying choice. In any case, only one out of every odd profession way is very that clear. You may wake up following 10 years and think, â€Å"I truly don’t need to be a gadget organizer anymore.† Or possibly you’ve been laid off, and understand that well, you weren’t all that upbeat in your profession even before the reality. Whatever prompts that disclosure, you should hold onto it as an open door when it comes. If you are considering making a lifelong change, here are the 4 stages you can take to make it a reality: Step 1.  Figure out what would you truly like to be doing.Step 2.  What does the guide look like?Step 3.  Updating Your R esumeStep 4.  Build (and afterward work) your network If you’re pondering changing your profession, you’re in following some great people's example. There are not many hard details on what number of individuals do change vocations midstream-the U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics doesn’t keep information on vocation changers, for the most part in light of the fact that the information is so unclearâ and not so much followed anyplace however we do realize that some acclaimed individuals just accomplished those statures simply after they pulled the trigger on a profession change.Did you know that:Walt Disney was initially a paper editor?Actor Harrison Ford was a woodworker before his first enormous film role?Uber-cook Julia Child was an administrator and spy for the U.S. government during World War II, before she aced French cuisine?Actor Steve Buscemi was a New York City firefighter?Pope Francis was a substance professional before joining the ministry? One th ing these individuals all share for all intents and purpose (beside astonishing achievement) is that they each settled on a vocation choice dependent on the contrast between what they were doing, and what they needed to do with their lives. This isn’t to state that everybody should drop a steady, bill-paying employment so as to seek after that fantasy about opening a manikin theater. Notwithstanding, in the event that you feel that changing professions is the best following stage for you and your objectives, at that point there are approaches to make the bounce in a savvy and down to earth way.Step 1: What would you like to be doing?The best thing you can do in advance is to begin contemplating what it is you truly need to do. As indicated by a Deloitte Shift Index study in 2010 (which followed work environment slants), a stunning 80% of respondents needed enthusiasm at their occupations. That’s a great deal of withdrew individuals, or individuals in danger of looking at. In any case, it’s insufficient to feel ambiguously miserable at your present place of employment, or on your present way. You need an arrangement for finding what it is you would be enthusiastic about doing as a career.80% of respondents needed energy at their jobsIn the accompanying Tedx Talk, vocation mentor Scott Dinsmore offers some counsel on the most proficient method to progress that disappointment or discomfort into genuine and enduring individual change. He suggests doing some spirit looking on the accompanying questions:What are your qualities? What are you acceptable at doing? What might you do regardless of whether nobody paid you?What are your qualities? Is it accurate to say that you are driven by individuals (family, companions)? It is safe to say that you are generally worried about progress and accomplishment? How do those factor into your choice, and what is your â€Å"soul† made of?What are your encounters? What do you like, or abhorrence? What a re you acceptable at or awful at doing? What have your encounters enlightened you concerning what you need, and what encounters motivate you? You have long periods of encounters, just as triumphs and slip-ups, which structure a gauge of desires. Together, these components can be arranged to assist you with making sense of what you need those triumphs to resemble later on, and what sorts of employments would assist you with getting there.Step 2: What does the guide look like?Changing professions is a procedure. At an early point in said process, you can’t truly anticipate the result. Be that as it may, you can outline your desires, and the imaginable advances it will take to get there.For model, investigate thisâ career change roadmap:Step 3: Update your resume.This implies refreshing your resume and your introductory letter to line up with your reexamined profession objectives. Many occupation trackers commit the simple error of expecting that their regular old resume will d o, and that recruiting directors will draw an obvious conclusion on abilities and experience. Don’t let that be you! Step up and revamp your resume for your destined to-be new vocation. On your resume, you have a touch of an additional test, contrasted with another competitor who has more industry experience, so you have to make your resume 2.0 to mirror that reality.If you have a great deal of abilities that will be transferable from your old profession to the new job(s) for which you’re applying:Your best wager is likely a blend continue, where you create the standard direct rundown of your employments, however kick off the resume with a bulleted rundown of capabilities/aptitudes. The visual cues in the work history segment should, obviously, accentuate the aptitudes you need to play up in the capabilities synopsis. You should get your resume assessed byâ a proficient resume expertâ as well. (For additional on the most proficient method to compose an incredible cap abilities synopsis, visit Resume Genius.)Here’s an example:Qualifications SummaryLeadership:Leading promoting groups of 5+ people.Creativity:Designing and actualizing ROI methodologies planned for smoothing out showcasing campaigns.Communication:Presenting advertising recommendations to customers. Blend resumes can be incredible for concealing holes in encounters or long slacks between occupations, yet remember that the absence of explicit dates and different subtleties may raise a warning with recruiting administrators or questioners. Be set up to address those in the meeting, just as stress the transferrable abilities you have.If you are fundamentally beginning once again, and need to make light of your work history:Work on drafting a useful resume, where you bunch your aptitudes into headers and bullets.Here’s an example:Marketing ExperienceCreated brand-mindfulness internet based life crusades for a national vehicle rental company.Improved commitment and transforma tion rates for 3 straight years.If you’re worried that your profession change story won’t beat the overall absence of experience: Write a resume that covers the standard abilities and work history, however compose a point by point introductory letter that clarifies a) your energy for the business you’re attempting to break into; b) why your experience ventures well into this new field; and c) your solid inspiration to begin once again, or discover a decent footing at this specific organization. Your resume will in any case need to remain all alone, however you need to ensure the employing administrator is evident that you realize your experience may not be broad, yet you have what it takes and energy important for this job.Step 4: Build (and afterward work) your network.The best new resume on the planet may not mean a lot in the event that you can’t get it before the perfect individuals. Online application motors and messaged resumes have their place (and will probably do as such for quite a while to come), however one of the best approaches to get saw is likewise one of the most seasoned and least tech: verbal. On the off chance that you know somebody in an organization who can suggest you for a vacant position, it’s like getting a gold star on your resume. It may not find you a programmed line of work offer, yet having an insider vouch for you could expand the chances of getting your application a more critical look. Additionally, searching out individuals in your objective industry can assist you with showing signs of improvement handle on the business itself, letting you pose inquiries and get data that probably won't be as promptly accessible from web searches.And don’t markdown your current system: no one can tell who knows another person, particularly in this period of LinkedIn. Don’t be hesitant to put it out there that you’re hoping to make associations in another territory. Utilize your interper sonal organizations (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to discover new associations or specialists to follow. Nonetheless, ensure you’re tactful about it if you’re not prepared to report your vocation change plans to your present boss. (Perhaps don’t post an announcement that says, â€Å"Hate my activity, need to find out about alpaca cultivating. Anybody know any neighborhood animal ranchers I can talk to?†)If you really don’t have any cover between your momentum organize and your new industry, start with some fundamental research. Search for bunches online identified with your objective occupation, and â€Å"listen† in on message sheets or email records for some time. This can likewise tell you about industry occasions, employment opportunities, or systems administration openings that you probably won't think about otherwise.Whether your new vocation is comparable to the woodworker to-Han Solo progress, well, that remaining parts to be seen. In any case, in the event that you realize that you’re prepared to focus on a hop (or if nothing else focus on bouncing), there’s no reason for holding up until everything looks good. Since, guess what? That opportunity may never arrive on the off chance that you don’t get it going yourself. Yet, you can set yourself up so that there’s a period that feels good for making the progress.

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More info for Admitted Students

More info for Admitted Students Congratulations to all of the admitted students! I hope you are still celebrating, but I also want to remind you of a few things to do now as you make your final decision over the coming weeks. Tune in to the Campus Preview Weekend (CPW) Webcast: Sunday, March 24 at 2pm EST, admissions counselor Katie Kelley and a current undergraduate student will be on hand for an hour to answer all your CPW questions and give you a preview of all the fun that were planning this April. Check your email later this week for the details from us about how to tune in. Financial Aid Tracking Award Letter: Your award letter will be posted in MyMIT on March 18. If you dont have one yet, you can find out what documents are still required. There is also a link to the contact information for your financial aid counselor. See this guest blog post for more information. Some other things to look out for in your MY MIT Portal: Campus Preview Weekend Registration: Please register for CPW by Thursday, March 28. And dont forget to complete the Medical Release Form! CPW Fly In: If youre flying in, book your plane tickets early. If your parents are joining you, have them book their hotel early too (today or tomorrow even). We highly recommend hotels that are within walking distance of MIT. Driving and parking in Boston can be super frustrating. Local Admitted Student Gatherings: Over the next few weeks, MIT alumni across the globe will be hosting gatherings for the Class of 2017. Check the blogs this week for a new post dedicated to these gatherings. The MIT Reply Form: As soon as youve made up your mind for sure about whether or not to attend MIT, let us know your decision through the online reply form by May 1. You have three choices: tell us youre enrolling this fall ?, or that youre declining our offer of admission (its okay, we know youre making the best choice for yourself), you can also request a deferral/gap year(s) before enrolling at MIT. Overnight Program Registration: If you cant make it for CPW, you can still come visit through our Overnight Program. Please register at least two weeks in advance.

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World Economy from 1850 Until Today - 3262 Words

Analyze the development of the world economy from 1850 until present day. Constantly changing, the world economy will never be the same as it was a year ago, a month ago, or even a day ago. It might repeat itself in a similar manner or proceed in cycles but because of globalization it never stagnates and there is endless activity. Two hundred years in the past, our society and economy was radically different and went through multiple phases to reach where we are today. Though the boundaries of these phases cannot be specifically defined, the world economy from 1850 until present day can be roughly split up into three different stages. The first stage being British dominance, the second being American domination, and lastly globalization†¦show more content†¦Indeed Europe colonized Africa and Asia only after the Industrial Revolution and European industries got a lot of raw materials from their colonies. Reliable transportation and military technology from the Industrial Revolution made colonization a very easy task, thus leading to Imperialism. Th e ideas of Karl Marx, the founder of communism and an opponent of industrialization, blamed the capitalist society for imperialism; â€Å"imperialism is the highest form of capitalism†. Marx believed in a cycle, which would always lead back to a communist revolution because of the tension between the proletariat and the ruling bourgeoisie class. He wanted a â€Å"dictatorship of the proletariat† in which case the class divisions would disappear and everyone would be equal. Nonetheless, Karl Marx was not the only influential figure who had his own opinions on how a country and its economy should function. Adam Smith, a philosopher of modern capitalism, had very different thoughts from Marx. His basic ideas revolved around minimum state intervention and maximum free trade. Smith was a free market capitalist and visualized a country where the government cuts it’s spending and lets the economy recover, grow, or fail. In the middle of these two poles lie the theories of John Maynard Keynes. According to him the government should invest money (unlike free market capitalists) soShow MoreRelatedThe California Gold Rush Essay1637 Words   |  7 Pages Not only did the Gold Rush lead to California’s admittance into the Union in 1850, it also rekindled the idea of the American Dream. Hundred’s of thousands of people poured into the state by the lure of quick and infinite riches. As a result of the Gold Rush, California eventually became an advanced technologic, and agrarian state, which would help pave the roads to urban development and a very capitalistic economy. The California Gold Rush jump-started the development of California as a stateRead MoreCalifornia Gold Rush Essay1715 Words   |  7 Pagesthe Gold Rush prompt California s permission into the Union in 1850, it additionally revived the possibility of the American Dream. Hundred s of thousands of individuals filled the state by the draw of brisk and unending wealth. Because of the Gold Rush, California in the end turned into a progressed technologic, and agrarian state, which would help clear the streets to urban advancement and an exceptionally industrialist economy. The California Gold Rush kicked off the advancement of CaliforniaRead MoreThe Gold Rush And Discrimination1668 Words   |  7 Pagesacross the country and around the world that attracted hundreds of thousands of gold seekers from different areas came to California. Moreover, in the December 5, 1948, President James K. Polk announced in the speech, â€Å"The accounts of abundance of gold are of such an extraordinary character as would scarcely command belief were they not corroborated by the authentic reports of officers in the public service†. Words quickly spread the America and eventually the world. The result was that more and moreRead MoreProhibition in Canada Essay628 Words   |  3 PagesProhibition in Canada Prohibition was a very interesting time in the history of Canada it was a very good time period for the country and also a bad time for the country. Prohibition all began to rise around the 1840s and the 1850s by temperance groups in Canada, this set the bases for prohibition because some people were starting to see the affect that alcohol had on a society. Prohibition actually only lasted for two years ( 1917 to 1920 ) through out the entire country, except Quebec theyRead MoreThe Kauri Trade1469 Words   |  6 Pagesbranchless trunks extending 30 metres or more, were ideal for the purpose and flexible and enduring.† This early exploitation of kauri timber was significant as it marked the start of the kauri industry that would continue for more than a century until the nations kauri resource was almost destroyed but also in the way that it involved maori communities in the felling, shaping and removal of the trees, therefore essentially developing economic relations between local Maori and prospective BritishRead MoreTrace Of Political Parties From Conception Through Civil War891 Words   |  4 PagesTrace of Political Parties from Conception through Civil War Since 1787, there has been constant competition for promoting political ideals in this nation. These groups are known as Political Parties. From the big political parties to the small parties, they all have a part in history. The use of these political parties is traced from conception up until the civil war. In the late 1700’s, the political party known as The Federalists doubted the United States would become a great commercial powerRead MoreThe Causes Of The Civil War1238 Words   |  5 Pagesalso popular and 30,000 miles of track were installed into American soil by 1850. In addition, the north was more ethnically diverse because of the vast flock of immigration from European nations looking for the opportunities present in America. During the earlier decades of the nineteenth century, immigrant settlement created an even deeper division between the north and south that eventually break out into war. Immigrants from Ireland, Wales, and Italy were typically unskilled or slightly skilled inRead MoreSlavery And The Civil War1527 Words   |  7 Pagespull back singularly from the course of action. While a man is a slave, the proprietor is qualified for the efficiency of the slave s work, with no compensation. The rights and security of the slave might be controlled by laws and tr aditions in a specific time and put, and a man may turn into a slave from the season of their catch, buy or birth. A civil war is a war between sorted out gatherings inside the same state or nation, or, less normally, between two nations made from an earlier joined stateRead MoreEconomic Impact Of The Germany Economy852 Words   |  4 Pages Germany today is seen as successful, thriving and prospering nation with a strong economy putting it ahead of its European counterparts, one of which is the United Kingdom. Despite the challenging economic setting within the European Union, Germany continues to be one of the world’s most influential and dynamic economies. Business and investment freedom are robust. Long-term competitiveness and entrepreneurial growth are supported by openness to global commerce, well-protected property rights, andRead MoreThe Debate Between Capitalism And Socialism1580 Words   |  7 Pagessocial and economic system characterized by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy, as well as a political theory and movement that aims at the establishment of such a system (Dictionary). The reason why this topic is important because these two views represents the starting point for the economic systems. In its simplest term, the economy is the social instit ution that determines how a society produces, distributes, and consumer goods and services. Money

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A Genderless Life Or How Autism Challenges Butler’s...

Gender is a performance according to Judith Butler . All bodies, she claims, are gendered from birth; sometimes even earlier now we can determine sex in the womb . For Butler society dictates ones gender and the individual reinforces that gender through performance . â€Å"The deeds make the doer† in Butler’s words; there is no subject prior to performance. Butler’s concept of gender, however, leads us to question: what of those who are incapable of performing the gender ascribed to them? If one is unable to perform are they left genderless, lacking subjectivity and social identity? If no human is without gender , as Butler claims, then where does this leave her theory? Either gender is more than simply performance or one can exist without†¦show more content†¦I hope Laura’s case will highlight how autism challenges Butler’s theory, calling for a need to both expand our concept of gender and accept that one can live a genderless life. Autism was first written about, on an academic level, by Leo Kanner and Hans Aspergers in 1943 . These early diagnostic writings have since developed into concepts of cognitive diversity and the wide spectrum of cases and severity that is Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD . Autism is defined as a neurological and developmental disorder, which impacts on ones social functioning . The disorder is usually manifest in an unresponsiveness and resistance to physical affection, obtrusiveness, inability to communicate, repetitive behavior, obsessive-compulsive personality types and extreme anxiety that often results in aggressive behavior or tantrums . Being on a spectrum the severity of these symptoms varies . For those at the severe or low-functioning end of the spectrum, that is the cases I am focusing on, these symptoms are generally all not only present, but extreme. The individual is often rendered incapable of entering or understanding society or their place within that society . These cases are usually deemed as having the mental capacity of a toddler or young child , leaving them as what one may call a pre-discursive subject . Existing prior to discourse autistics escape the influence of

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Classification Free Essays

During our lifetime, we come across many different types of people. Some people will dislike us while others will want to be just like us. The ones who dislike you are mostly referred to as your enemies and the ones who want to be like you are called your friends. We will write a custom essay sample on Classification or any similar topic only for you Order Now There are three different types of friends. They are the acquaintances you make in school, the friends you lose as you grow, and best friends who may leave, but they never go too far. First of all, there are the friends that you only see during school. When you see them out in public, it is like they do not even exist. Usually, you have known them for many years, and still have not talked to them outside of school. These acquaintances are nice people to talk to, but nobody really puts in the extra effort to make it more than that. You never have to worry about taking chances with these types of friends. You just talk to them in school, and go on your marry way. These acquaintances are the people that you talk to about different hobbies and class studies. Not your own personal life. Acquaintances are the ones that you will not see for the first time until the schools ten year reunion. Second, there are your former friends. This type of friend is the one that grew up in your neighborhood and eventually moved away. With this type of friend, they bring back the childhood memories that many thought were forgotten. One might be embarrassed at first about seeing their former friend, but as soon as conversation starts they are back to their childhood. This type of friend is good to have because it is nice to go back and remember the old times. Lastly, you have your best friends. These friends are the ones that are practically a part of your family. Your best friend is the one you go to when you are having problems and need advice. Usually you have the best times when you are with them. Best friends share common interests, and do many things together. It is nice to have these friends, because they are the ones that are always there for you no matter what happens. It is just nice to know that someone is always going to be there for you. There are many different types of friends, but the three main categories are the acquaintances, the ones you lose, and your best friends. Throughout life, you meet many different types of people. They may become your best friend, or you may just be acquaintances. Whatever it is, it is always nice to have a little bit of each. How to cite Classification, Essay examples Classification Free Essays The positive teachers are by far the most agreeable teachers. A positive teacher is one who seems interested in his subject and his students. The first thing a positive teacher does is try to learn all of the student’s names. We will write a custom essay sample on Classification or any similar topic only for you Order Now This kind of teacher allows for questions and discussions in class and does not seem to mind if a student disagrees with him. A positive teacher shows his interest out of class as well. Not only is he available for conferences, but he encourages students to see him if they need help.The students tend to feel comfortable in the presence of this teacher. A good example of a positive teacher is my French teacher, Monsieur Poirrot. He always allows time during the class hour for some free discussion. Once, when some of the students in our class were having trouble with the pronunciation of the rolled â€Å"r† in French, he took several hours of his own time to work with us in very small groups in his office until we had mastered the sound. Unfortunately, teachers like monsieur Poirrot are relatively small in number. Of the three types of teachers, the negative teachers are the least agreeable. These are the kind that every student dreads. Not only do they not learn the students’ names, but they seem almost hostile both in class and out of class. In class, the negative teachers, like the neutral teachers, primarily lecture; they may want the students to learn, but unlike the neutral and positive teachers, the negative teachers, the negative teachers allow virtually no questions and no discussion. The negative teachers also do not seem to favor the idea of having conferences and are almost never in their offices .Students avoid seeing them for conferences if at all possible. An excelled example of a negative teacher is Dr. Wollen, my physics professor. His classes are twice as boring as any class of a neutral teacher, and he is often intimidating in class. One day, for example, when one student asked him to repeat his explanation of the theory of relativity, he became quite angry and refused to repeat what he had just lectured on. The negative teacher is too often inflexible; in fact, he seems more like a machine than a human being. Fortunately, this group is in the minority.Before I came to college, I was told not to expect my professors to care much about me or my work; indeed, I was told that I would be lucky if any of them even knew my name! But when I came to university, I soon learned that these generalizations were too broad. Not all the teachers are the same. In fact, I have found that most of the professors here at State fall into three categories: the positive teachers, the neutral teachers, and the negative teachers. The type of teacher students get can directly affect how much they learn.Obviously, students learn more from a positive teacher; unfortunately, as we have seen, this type makes the minority. Since the mission of the university is to educate, administrators should try to get the neutral and negative teachers to improve their teaching methods and attitudes; otherwise, the administrators should consider dismissing at least the negative teachers and make every effort to hire those teachers who show promise of being positive ones. Unlike the positive teachers, the neutral teachers are not very agreeable.In general, the neutral teachers just do not seem interested in either the subject or the student. These teachers usually do not learn all of the student’s names, though they may learn a few. Their classes tend to be more boring than the positive teachers’ classes because they allow less time for discussion. However, like the positive teacher, the neutral teacher allows for questions and some discussion, but he just does not seem to care if the students are interested enough to want to discuss the subject or not.Although the neutral teacher is available for conferences, he does not encourage students to come see him for help; as a result, most students feel slightly uncomfortable in his presence, especially during a conference. Professor Hilton, my economics professor, is typical of the neutral teacher. She comes into class, opens her notes, lectures, allows questions and some discussion, and then leaves class. When I had a problem understanding one of the concepts we had discussed in class one day, I went to her office for a conference.She was polite enough but did not make any special effort to see that I understood the concept during the conference. She more or less repeated what she had said in class. Very few students go to see her for a conference because they think she is simply not interested. From what I have gathered in my conversations with other students, the neutral teachers make up the largest category. Good and Bad Teachers Essay Usually the term education is used meaning the great impact that parent have on the future personality of their child.But this also includes school education, because nowadays, when parents are very busy they are the people, who teach children what is beautiful and what is ugly, what is right and what is wrong. Through them children learn to perceive the inner world. And the way they perceive it depends on the teacher’s personal particularities that are transmitted to children through interaction and the knowledge that the teacher offers them. Therefore there is much more to a teacher than high professionalism. What makes kids hardly wait until the lesson starts in one cases and hating the subject in others?Of course high professionalism in the field of the taught subject is very important, but when it comes to being a bad or a good teacher this is not the weightiest factor. A good teacher is a person who not just reproduces the knowledge he got. Not a person that only brings up the interest to the subject. It is a person who finds individual approach to every pupil, taking care about the child’s adaptation in class, increasing one’s social status in class and making sure the children learn to take into account and respect the thoughts of other people.It is a man or a woman that can not â€Å"play† the teacher’s role but he in the first place â€Å" a feeling human being† in front of the students, a person that can show emotional response. For example, if the teacher is professionally go od enough but does not take critics from the pupils constructively or does not explain why he thinks he is right this makes a huge gap between the students and the teacher. And when there is no emotional contact the learning cannot be called successful, for the students are not completely involved.When the teacher does not treat students as people that obey him, treats them like they are equal to him and explains equally to everybody it can really be a pointer of a â€Å"good† teacher. And one other very important thing is creativity. One of the indicators of a â€Å"good† teacher it is his desire to teach in a new, original form, adding something new and personal to make the learning process as exciting as it can possibly be. A bad teacher is a person that focuses only on the information he provides not taking into account the children or anything.It is a person that is doing its job. Such a person can be very good in the theoretical part of his subject but he will never have students being emotionally attached to him. It is a teacher that lets his personal mood influence on the way he treats his students, ect. That cannot reduce awkward situations with humor either it is him in the situation or his student. Being a good teacher is about loving children and wanting to give them only the best the teacher has inside of him. How to cite Classification, Papers Classification Free Essays Bryce Langdon Professor Joliffe English 1301 17 October 2010 Smokers Smoking tobacco has been around for many thousands of years and cigarettes specifically have been around for a few thousand as well. Smoking can be split up into several classifications with three of the primary ones being those people who smoke to reduce tension, people who socially smoke and habit smokers. Regardless of the type of smoker a person is, smoking is an addiction and harmful not only to the smoker but to family members, coworkers and any other person who comes into contact with the second-hand smoke. We will write a custom essay sample on Classification or any similar topic only for you Order Now Social Smokers. Casual smokers are those who typically do not inhale the cigarette smoke. They are not addicted to the nicotine. Some may think they are safe from the harm of a cigarette by â€Å"pretending† to smoke, but do not let this kind of smoking fool you. A person is still getting some of the affects of the smoke on top of other environmental toxins and second-hand smoke. Many times the casual smoker is only compensating for something being in their hands and often times will turn into a regular smoker. Casual smokers often times smoke a lot more than he or she will publicly admit.Many regular smokers envy the casual smoker because they believe that they have better control over their addiction and can stop on a dime but the fact of the matter is that most casual smokers end up smoking for false pleasures, trying to feel like they did when they were non-smokers (QuitSmokinGuide. com, 2009). Smokes to Reduce Tension. A person who smokes to reduce tension uses the cigarette to manage negative effects, stressful situations and feelings of anger, fear, and anxiety. These type of smokers are often considered â€Å"light smokers† because life is full of stressful situations , hence the tension.Light smokers typically smoke between half a pack to one pack a day. Casual smokers easily slip into this smokes to reduce tension classification and often have been smokers, quit, and taken up smoking once again, several times. Many light smokers could still benefit from products aimed at reducing nicotine addiction, like nicotine gum or counseling, however changing priorities and lifestyle often help these type of smokers kick their habit (Painter, 2009). Habit Smokers. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 1. 3 billion people are smokers worldwide and smokers die an average fifteen years sooner than nonsmokers (Hawkins).For most habit smokers, smoking is not even enjoyable any more. People often have developed a behavioral pattern that causes them to light up as a response to a cue, for example a cup of coffee or getting into the car. Habit smokers can fall into the category of heavy to chain smokers who consume anywhere from two to more than three packs a day. When the habit smoker takes the steps necessary to quit smoking the possible withdrawal symptoms can be ugly but one must remember these are results from the person smoking not because they decided to stop. Such symptoms could include tingling or numbness in the arms and legs, severe headaches, diarrhea or constipation, and a overall uncomfortable feeling. CONCLUSION With several classifications of smokers, they are have similar characteristics for example they are cause lung damage. However, depending on the degree of smoker that a person is depends on how difficult it is going to be for the person to quit once they actually put their mind to it. No matter the classification, any person who quits smoking will be making a difference right away.A person’s taste and smell will get better, along with breathe smelling better, decrease in nasty cough, and more importantly add years onto the end of their life.Works Cited â€Å"Casual Smokers. † QuitSmokingGuide. com. 2009. Web. 19 Oct 2010. . Painter, K. â€Å"Your Health: Light smokers could need help quitting, too. † USA Today 16 November 2009: n. pag. Web. 19 Oct 2010. . â€Å"Smoking Classification. † Projects for Students by Students. Oracle ThinkQuest, n. d.. Web. 19 Oct 2010. . â€Å"Types of Smokers (by Cigarette Consumption). † Nursing Research (n. d. ): n. pag. Web. 19 Oct 2010. . How to cite Classification, Papers

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WordPress Help Desk Plugins 3 Easy Ways to Offer Better Support

When youre running a business or e-commerce site, you need to provide the best customer experience possible. This includes offering top-notch service and support. To do that, you’ll need the right tools, such as WordPress help desk plugins.In fact, there are a variety of easy ways to add support features to your site. You can implement a ticket system, make use of live chat, and even create a dedicated forum. Whether used alone or in combination, these techniques simplify the task of providing excellent customer support.In this post, we’ll briefly touch on the importance of offering customer support on your website. Then, we’ll explore the three strategies mentioned above, along with the WordPress help desk plugins required to make them happen. Let’s get to work! 1. Add a ticket system to your websiteWe mentioned the importance of live support earlier, and we’ll elaborate on that method shortly. However, it’s not always feasible to deal with all questions and issues in real-time, especially if your site is large or your customers’ problems tend to be complex. This is also the case if your support team is very small.For these reasons, it’s a smart idea to set up a ticket system on your site. This is a simple, organized way to let customers submit their queries. You can see everything that’s in the queue, and address it all in the order it was received (or using whatever prioritization works best for your business).WP Support Plus is one of the best WordPress help desk plugins that offer this feature: WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Author(s): Pradeep MakoneCurrent Version: 9.1.2Last Updated: September 3, 86%Ratings 226,771Downloads WP 4.4+Requires After installing the plugin, you’ll see a notification like this:Click on the link to be taken to a setup wizard that will help you configure key functionality. First, you can select ( or create) the page where your ticket submission form will be placed:The rest of the screens will provide some basic information about the plugin and its options. When you’re done, head to the page you selected and paste in the following shortcode:[wp_support_plus]This will enable the ticket submission form on the front end of your site:You’ll also find a new tab in your dashboard called Support Plus, where you can customize exactly how your ticket system works. There are a lot of settings here, so we recommend checking out the plugin’s documentation for more details.2. Implement live chat functionalityYour site’s ticket system is great for more patient customers and those with technical issues that need to be reviewed. However, a lot of people will expect quicker replies – especially when their questions are simple.This is where live chat comes into the picture. Live chat lets you respond immediately to customers, giving them the help and informat ion they need as quickly as possible. If you have the manpower required to respond promptly, live chat is an excellent addition to most sites.To get live chat working, the aptly-named WP Live Chat Support plugin is a solid solution: WP-Live Chat by 3CX Author(s): 3CXCurrent Version: 8.1.1Last Updated: October 17, 94%Ratings 1,649,284Downloads WP 4.4+Requires Installing the plugin gives you access to a new Live Chat tab in your dashboard, with a lot of sections:This is because the plugin is highly customizable. However, you can still get its primary functionality up and running quickly. All you have to do is select the OK! Let’s start button at the bottom of the main page.This will add a small icon in the bottom-right corner of each page on your site. Clicking on it will enable visitors to start a live chat:Back in your dashboard, you can see a list of all visitors on your site, including those who have requested a chat. Answering them simp ly requires you to hit the Initiate Chat button:Of course, you can also configure the plugin’s settings as much as you like, in order to get your live chat system working in a way that’s convenient for you and your team.If youre willing to pay, you can also get access to desktop or mobile apps so that you can respond to messages without needing to work from your WordPress dashboard.3. Create a dedicated support forumTickets and live chats are useful for one-on-one interaction. However, if you have (or want to have) an active community, you should consider creating a way for users to help each other.A dedicated forum can be an invaluable part of your websites support system. It lets visitors see each others’ questions and issues and help out – saving you a lot of time and energy. Of course, you can also respond to forum queries yourself. When you do, you’ll be offering advice and solutions that will be permanently recorded, so other users with the s ame problems can find what they need quickly.There are quite a few forum plugins you can choose from. However, bbPress is arguably the most popular option, and for good reason: bbPress Author(s): The bbPress CommunityCurrent Version: 2.5.14Last Updated: February 26, 80%Ratings 5,616,115Downloads WP 4.7+Requires This plugin makes setting up a forum on your site quick and painless. After installing it, you’ll want to visit Forums New Forum in your dashboard:Here, you can use the standard WordPress editor to give your forum a name and description. In the right-hand sidebar, you can also configure whether the forum is open and public. Then hit Publish, and you’ll find a lightweight forum ready to go on the front end:You can also tweak the way your forums work under Settings Forums. bbPress may not be the most customizable of plugins, but it’s ideal for getting a functional, user-friendly support forum off the ground fast.ConclusionSu pport plays a huge role in how both prospective and current customers view your business. Therefore, it’s vital to offer a number of robust support options on your website, in order to provide help quickly and in whatever format a given visitor prefers. Fortunately, this isn’t hard with the right WordPress help desk plugins.These three support channels are all worth considering on your WordPress site. You can:Add a ticket system to your website.Implement live chat functionality.Create a dedicated support forum.Do you have any questions about how to use the WordPress help desk plugins we’ve introduced? Ask away in the comments section below! Learn how to offer better customer support with these 3 #WordPress help desk #plugins